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Company Profile 

Jiaxing Beyondoor Electronics Co., Ltd.
is specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling all  kinds of antennas, located in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China. Our team has more than 20 years design experience in the field of antennas and other RF products.

Our products include:

GPS antenna, Beidou antenna,GPS/Glonass antenna, GSM antenna, 3G antenna, TMC antenna, Wifi antenna,   4G/LTE antenna,Spring antenna,AM/FM antenna, 318/433/868/915/850/900/1800/1900/2100mhz antenna, 2.4G/3.5G/5.8G antenna, RFID antenna,Iridium antenna, XM satellite radio antenna and other wireless communication antennas. 
In addition, we also sell all kinds of RF connectors,RF adaptors and Interface cables(or pigtails) etc.. 
We are looking forward to establishing business relations with clients from all over the world.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Contact details:


Address: NO. 101, Weiyi West Road, Dongzha Economic Zone, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China 

Tel:  +86-573-82127009

Fax: +86-573-820520XX


E-mail:     or

Skype: beyondoorgps 



Beyondoor's GPS/GSM/WIFI built-in antennas are mainly used for GPS/GSM/WIFI device ,GPS/GSM/WIFI handset or Mini GPS/GSM/WIFI track device etc..
BY-GPS-10x10 is mini GPS active built-in antenna with 10x10mm patch antenna. BY-GPS-01 patch size is 20x20mm,and BY-GPS-02 is 25x25mm.Usually the patch size is bigger and the sensitivity is higher. Our BY-GPS-02-SW-02 is switch antenna.The antenna has two ports,one is for external GPS antenna,the other is for GPS module.When the external GPS antenna is connected and works,the built-in antenna is off and when the external GPS antenna isn't connected,the built-in antenna will work.BY-GPS-88-01-01 is SMD mounting and antenna's size is 45.8x14.6x3.7mm,its pad is compatible with Sarantel's active antenna.

      GSM built-in antennas' frequency is 850/900/1800/1900Mhz and they are compatible with North America and Europe frequency.Our BY-AMPS/GSM-01 is pcb antenna with thinnest size and higher sensitive. BY-AMPS/GSM-02 is helix GSM antenna with small rubber housing.
BY-AMPS/GSM-03 is mini pcb GSM antenna and size is only 35.8x7x0.5mm.
Now we also have wifi built-in antenna,our model is BY-2400-01-01 and BY-2400-01-03 etc..
If you are interested in our more GPS/GSM/WIF built-in antennas,please check left product catalog menu.

  Beyondoor  is specialized in all kinds of antennas, RF cables,RF adaptors and RF connectors etc.. Our company products are mainly  used for GPS/GSM/WIF device,GPS/GSM/WIFI security systems and other wireless communication device  etc..
The following photo is only a miniature of  our product line. If you are interested in our more products,please check left product catalog menu.

For RF cables or pigtails, one side is U.FL/H.FL/IPEX/MCG/GSC/MCX/MMCX/MMS connector or stripped end  etc., the other side is SMA bulkhead/FME bulkhead or other connectors.Usually the cable length is 8-15cm thin cable or RG174/RG178 cable etc..
And we can also supply you all kinds of RF connectors,such as  SMA/SMB/SSMB/SMC/BNC/MCX/MMCX/TNC/FME
/N/GT5/FAKRA/Wiclic/Avic  connectors and all kinds of RF adaptors etc..
 If you are interested in our more products, please check left product catalog menu.



















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