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RFID antenna Solution 

Beyondoor is one of leading manufacturer of RFID Antenna for high-performance reader applications.The Radio-frequency identification(RFID) system is an burgeoning technology which getting to be integrated into multiple aspects of everyday life in the worldwide. RFID system permit the information to be stored and recover from RFID tags.One of the most important use of RFID technology is in warehouse where the technology is used to tracking inventory.


RFID Systems can be work on the different frequency include low frequency,high frequency and ultra high frequency(UHF band).Our RFID antennas are ideal designed for those applications.


Beyondoor has typical 433MHz,868MHz and 915MHz ISM band RFID reader antenna in different type include dielectric antenna, flat panel antenna,yagi antenna,rubber duck antenna and omnidirectional fiberglass antenna etc..

(I)433Mhz antenna


433Mhz Dielectric antenna


antenna with wall mout 


Hanging antenna


433Mhz  antenna

(II)868Mhz antenna


868Mhz  Dielectric antenna


Fiberglass antenna 


868Mhz rubber antenna


antenna with screw mount

(III)915Mhz antenna


RFID antenna


RFID antenna


915Mhz Dielectric antenna


915Mhz Patch antenna 


Hanging antenna


Hanging antenna


915Mhz Yagi antenna


915Mhz built-in antenna

Also many customers buy the following products:


High gain 6dBi antenna


   Adhesive mount  antenna


Cable assemble


SMA RA female for PCB

Why choose us?

  1. Professional manufacturer of  antennasRohs,Reach and CE compliance. More than 20 years R&D development experience in antennas industry.
  2. All products have been tested before put on market. They must pass five test sessions and FAQ samplings inspection. The first pass yield is 99%.
  3. Professional manufacturer directly supply you,so price is competitive and lead-time is only 1-2 weeks.For normal model,samples' lead-time is only 2-3days.Beyondoor has very rapid and good service.
  4. Beyondoor  antennas feature high gain, low loss and strong capability of receiving signals.
  5. Protection grade is IP67 (ingress protection rating 67), which means our antennas are water proof.
  6. The antenna is with corrosion resistance. It has passed 48 hours salt spray test.
  7. Excellent performance, we can offer you our test results upon request.
  8. If there are any quality problems of our  antenna, you can get replacement or refund within one year and lifelong maintenance after buying.

Find our contact message  or directly click contact us

Address: #101, Weiyi West Road, Dongzha  Economic Zone ,Jiaxing 314000,Zhejiang,China     
E-MAIL:    or 
SKYPE NAME:beyondoorgps

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