Jiaxing Beyondoor Electronics Co.,Ltd is communication antenna and GPS product supplier in China. Located in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China.Our team has more than 20 years design experience in the field of antennas and other RF products. 
Products line:
1、GPS antenna
-GPS patch antenna
-GPS active antenna
-GPS passive antenna
-GPS internal antenna

2、GSM antenna
-GSM rubber antenna
-GSM antenna with cable
-GSM internal antenna

3、Combination GPS/GSM antenna

4、3G antenna

5、2.4G antenna
-Wifi rubber antenna
-WLAN antenna
-Fiberglass antenna
-Patch antenna
-Parabolic antenna
-Car antenna
-AP antenna
-Yagi antenna
-Backfire antenna
-Ceiling antenna

6、DVB-T/Digital-TV antenna
-TV antenna
-DVB-T antenna
-Digital TV antenna

7、All kinds of RF connectors

8、All kinds of interface cables(cables)

Products Quality:

Under strict quality control, our products are undoubtedly made to meet your demands of high quality. Nevertheless, to guarantee you the quality of every product from us, our products all carry one-year warranty.

Products Compatibility:

In our opinion, compatibility is a key point in GPS,GSM,3G, WLAN applications, And that's why we make our products universally compatible. Products from us work well with a variety of prevailing GPS ,GSM,3G, WLAN products on the market and can be easily integrated with your existing equipment.


All of the products from Beyondoor are designed and developed by our experienced engineers with the most advanced microwave structure analytical software to design our products. Our engineers also utilize advanced microwave circuit and system design software to develop microwave circuits and their related products. Beyondoor has successfully developed many new and hi-tech antennas and other products which are currently deployed worldwide.Our executives at Beyondoor deeply believe in open and honest communication with our workers as well as our suppliers and customers.

Our customer:

Currently, Beyondoor exports very large volume of products daily to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and many other countries.
We intend to build on our reputation for providing the products of high quality at reasonable price and facilitating the business process for clients by continually improving our range, reaching out to more customers, Further details of our company, products, services and contact details are available on the website http://www.beyondoor.com. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information or we can be of assistance.